Subject Matter – the third axis

There is a third axis on our Maker Learning Matrix. It is the application of maker learning across all areas of subject matter. I believe there are huge benefits to bringing a maker mindset to any subject and situation. Making is not something relegated to the makerspace. It has been happening all along in Art and Shop class and continues in Tech Ed and Engineering courses. Science classes, if done right, are using hands-on and inquiry-based approaches that resemble maker learning. But, to be honest, these are the “low-hanging fruit opportunities”.

I would assert that maker learning is essential to all subjects. This is why project-based learning is garnering so much attention as an innovative approach. Traditional classes that we think of today spend a lot of time in the Apprenticeship quadrant (though much more of a “sit and get” session than an actual learning-through-doing approach). It is when we are criss-crossing the subjects with hands-on-minds-on interfaces with the content pulling from parts of the matrix as needed that we create opportunities for active and engaged learning.

I’m not saying that all activities need to have all subject areas included, though I encourage a broader approach. I am suggesting that maker learning is a vital framework for higher empowerment regardless of the subject(s).

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