Apprenticeship – The “workout” of maker learning

Apprenticeship describes the short-term and high-structure quadrant of our Maker Learning Matrix. This is facilitator-led learning through directive projects in which one would develop essential skills by learning established practices.Our goals here are to address the gap between the known and the desire to know. The tension that comes from discovery - between what was … Continue reading Apprenticeship – The “workout” of maker learning

Discovery – Tinkering is vital

Discovery describes the short-term and low-structure quadrant of our Maker Learning Matrix. It is defined by low or non-directive creative tinkering sessions that can lead to vital “A ha!” moments or, just as importantly, simple moments that lead to more tinkering. Tinkering is a way to mix existing personal experiences with unfamiliar stimuli - tools, … Continue reading Discovery – Tinkering is vital